Online Registration for Students by Coordinating Teachers/Representative Students:
Deadline for Registration: 31 January 2017
Students do not need to have any special computer programming knowledge and skills.
·  Students do not need programming language experience.
·  Students do not need to write a code.
·  Students do not need to remember the syntax.
·  It's easy!. Everyone can learn. 
·  All we need is only an awesome idea and creativity. 
After the training, students will learn:
·  Game Development Process
·  Story Board Development
·  Design the Game Asset
·  Develop various Genre of Games
·  Publish their Game
Basic games that students will learn:
Students/teachers can view the game showcase of Construct 2.0 by visiting this weblink:   
Rules for registration: 
·  All students who are studying in Grade/Year 7 to 12 or equivalent at the high/secondary/ vocational high schools in 11 Southeast Asian countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam can apply.
·  Coordinating teachers must register by a Group/Team of students - 1 Group/Team of students comprises of 3 students who are studying in the same or different education level.
·  1 school can submit at least 1 group/team (comprising of 3 students) or maximum 3 teams (or 9 students).
·  The registration should be done through online by visiting the following link
·  The maximum number of schools to be accepted for this training course is 50 schools.   
·  The registration will be accepted as a first come, first serve basis
·  For the teachers who would like to join this training course, please complete the Waiting-List Online Registration for Teachers by clicking the following link:
Teachers can be participated if the number of students is less than the targeted number. 
SEAMEO will inform the teachers on 3 Feb.
Training sessions and content: 
·  The training will be conducted within 2 months, starting from 13 February to 6 April 2017.  
·  Total Training Hours: 16 hours for training sessions and 8 hours for consultative sessions (Optional).  
·  1 Training session per week (2 hours for each training session).
·  1 Consultative session per week (1 hour for each consultative session) - This consultative session is available for students who have problems and would like to discuss the details with the trainer.
·  Please check details of training schedule: 017GameTraining/
More information:
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