Digging the Potentials of Our Educators in Morowali

Morowali – Considering the success in the Teacher Training event conducted by Forum Masyarakat Sinabung (FORMASI) in 2016, this year, FORMASI intended to repeat its success in a different area of Indonesia. Collaborated with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC and three QITEPs, and with the support from Morowali local government, FORMASI invited Mathematics, English and Science teachers in Morowali to join Pelatihan Kompetensi Guru (PKG) event from 3 to 9 April 2017. This event aimed to improve the teacher's’ skills and competencies in mathematics, science, English, and technology to support their teaching.

Even though Morowali is quite a developed region, the 6-day event was held in a remote village far away from all the other inhabited regions. The locals already has access to basic resources like water and electricity, yet phone connection and internet access are almost nonexistent. Getting everyday needs and office supplies can be quite challenging due to scarcity. Thankfully, due to the courtesy of PT. IMIP Morowali, the event was facilitated sufficiently and all the courses were delivered successfully.

This six-day event was conducted in two sessions. The first session (3-5 April 2017) was for junior high school teachers, while the second session was for high school teachers, held from 7 to 8 April 2017. In the first session there were 84 teachers attending the session, while the second session was attended by 47 teachers. In both sessions, the teachers went to the classrooms based on their focus subjects; mathematics, sceince and english. During the training, they were given materials by SEAMEO QITEPs trainers from morning to afternoon. After lunch, the session was continued by SEAMOLEC trainers for the teachers to learn about the use of technology in teaching.

SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics was in charge to run the course for the mathematics teachers, sharing new topics and knowledge to be applied in their classrooms. Since the teachers were all of different ages (even generations) and came from various corners of Morowali, the course was an interesting melting pot of different teaching experiences. The teachers were so excited to learn new things and in the end of the course, wished that the training will continue in the future.

This teacher training event is planned into three phases. This was the first phase and will continue in July and October 2017 which will be attended by the same participants. As an agent for teacher’s  development and quality improvement, SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics will dedicate and give the best effort in in helping teachers bringing joy of mathematics into their classrooms.

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