Teachers’ Power: Reshaping Future Generation

World famous Neuroscientist, Abhijit Naskar stated “Some people change the world. And some people change the people who change the world, and that's you (teachers).”

A school without a teacher is like a body without a soul, this is how important a teacher is in a classroom. Teachers are known for becoming a role model for students. What students learn from teachers often remains with them throughout their lives. These students will then be the next generation of the leaders and workers, therefore it is crucial for teachers to facilitate them to be prepared for the future of their nation.

SEAQiM therefore held a research collaborating with teachers in Indonesia on what is considered to be essential knowledge for students, Sustainable Energy and Financial Literacy. From a total of 59 Lesson Plans that were submitted, 10 were chosen to continue to be further developed during the Workshop on Developing Mathematics Teaching and Leaning Model. The workshop was officially opened by the Deputy Director of SEAQiM, Dra. Pujiati, M.Ed. on 17 April 2017. During this 5 day workshop, Lesson Plans were further developed and finalized based on the suggestions given by Math experts from SEAQiM. Showings of feedback, insights, as well as suggestions resulted a Lesson Plan to be refined from the start with new ideas. Along side Lesson Plans, Teaching Aids were also developed.

Teachers developing Lesson Plans

By the end of the workshop, the three best Lesson Plans were chosen to continue to the next stage, Piloting and Finalization of Learning Model. These Lesson Plans were developed by Mr. Riski from SD Sidotopo Surabaya, Ms. Ika Sutiani from SMA International Budi Mulia Dua Yogyakarta, and Ms. Kunarni from SDN Tanggul Wetan, Jember. These teachers have the opportunity in piloting their learning models in chosen schools based in Yogyakarta. Two Lesson Plans were developed for primary school level and administered in MIN 2 Tempel and the other was conducted at Budi Mulia International High School.

After piloting, teachers undergo finalization of their Lesson Plans. As part of the research, reflections were conducted for teachers to be able to see what needs to be improved. This data, along with inputs and suggestions from facilitators, and then was used to refine their Lesson Plan.

Investing in great teachers is one of the keys to prepare young generations to be ready to face the future. SEAQiM believes that not only students, but teachers also need to learn and increase their knowledge as the current state and understanding of how to teach changes constantly. Through Mathematic Teaching and Learning Model programme three piloted and refined Lesson Plans were developed. These three learning models can be used as a base for teachers to prepare their students for issues regarding to Energy Sustainability and Financial Literacy in their future life.

3 Best Lesson Plans


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