Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) was first introduced and developed by Freudenthal Institute in the Netherlands. There are two important points in RME: (1) mathematics must be connected to real life, and (2) the idea of mathematics as human activity is emphasized.

SEAQiM has designed a Southeast Asia Realistic Mathematics Education (SEA-RME) Course which is based on the regional culture, nature, and characteristics of Southeast Asia. This course gives teachers the opportunity to work collaboratively, celebrate diversity, and brings these experiences to their mathematics classrooms.

Course Contents

  1. Current Issues in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  2. Introduction to RME
  3. Observing RME Classroom Practices (Video Presentation)
  4. Modelling of RME Lesson
  5. Exploring Contextual Problem and Reflection
  6. Algebra
  7. Geometry and Measurement
  8. Elementary Statistics
  9. The Use of Applets
  10. Assessment in RME
  11. Developing and Implementing Lesson Plan at School
  12. Publishing report and Designing Follow up Programme
  13. Understanding SEAMEO Countries Cultures


Course facilitators are experts from SEAQiM, PPPPTK Matematika, and reputable universities in Indonesia and abroad.


At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the characteristics of realistic mathematics education,
  2. Design RME model for mathematics teaching and learning,
  3. Produce mathematics teaching materials for RME-based instruction.

During the course, the participant will develop: (1) SEA RME model for teaching and learning, (2) lesson plan, (3) learning materials for RME-based instruction, (3) action plan (what they will do after returning to their institution or country), and (4) final report.


Participants of the course are about 30 selected mathematics teachers from SEAMEO Member Countries


The course runs for 100 hours @45 minutes. The activities during the course constitute of theories and practices.

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