Jhemson Maed, Philippines, SEA RME 2012)

"The training I experienced at SEAQIM in Yogyakarta both benefited me personally and benefited my skills as an educator. I also enjoyed myself very much teaching Indonesian pupils during our practical sessions. Personally I was very grateful to have had the experience and camaraderie of mixing with my co-participants from different counties, and professionally the course convinced me that the Realistic Mathematics approach is the most effective way to teach and learn mathematics. I now have greater self-esteem and am confident I am a more effective and efficient educator. I have utilized the approach in my school and I am currently conducting an action research plan to extend the approach more widely in the school educational system. In the future, I would be interested to become part of SEAMEO’s mission and vision to make the lives of educators more productive. I am very grateful and would like to contribute something in return".

Jovic G. Rullepa, Philippines, SEA RME 2012

"Being here at SEAMEO is once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very glad and honoured to meet other participants from other Asian nations and other regions of Indonesia. It’s been a big break for me to develop my professional and personal growth. I enjoyed every moment of my stay here and cherish the activities we made most especially the warm accommodation of the SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics facilitators. We may be departing soon and go back to our respective stations, but I will bring with me sweet memories and a strong bond of friendship we made. Wherever we may come someday, I hope and pray that we may still see each other, somehow, ….somewhere. " 


Utilization and Development of IT-based Mathematics Learning

Henry Simon Kuntad, Malaysia, ICT 2015

"The destiny of hard work is always success, you done hard work and got succeed. Congratulations! Two thumbs up! Keep it up!"


Anita M. Agnir, Philippines, ICT 2015

"IT based learning has been timely for us teachers because of the need to keep pace with the growing technology. We must not be left behind by our “techie” students. Thus scholarships or trainings on this are very important. SEAMEO QITEP has done and are doing a great job on this point. We have learned very much in this training and it will surely help us improved the teaching learning process and make our students learn in the ‘fun way’."


Somphet Sonesackda, LAO PDR, ICT 2013

"Thank you so much for QITEP. We had a new experience in another country and we made new friends and knowledge about new style of teaching math to our student. Thanks a lot."


Lesson Study

Nurjannah, Palembang, LS 2014

"Excellent training. Before I joined the training I didn’t understand about lesson study, but when I join this programme I have enjoyed this programme especially in SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics. Well, Lesson Study is one of the solution for teachers to find models of teaching. So by using Lesson Study we know that whether the model than we have is better than before. We also know the weaknesses and strengths of our teaching and learning activities. By joining SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics Yogyakarta, I have some good experiences to apply to my teaching and learning activities."

Eti Herawati, West Java,  LS 2014

"I completed the post-graduate programme of the University of Education in Bandung in 2004, but the SEAQIM course boosted my knowledge and skills tremendously. Not many people realize it, but teaching is actually quite a fast moving business, especially in subjects like mathematics, and without courses like those provided by SEAQIM, it’s easy to get stuck going over the same material in the same way every year. The course was challenging, but in the right way, and it inspired me. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in the course. Meeting other mathematics teachers from other countries, and sharing experience and stories, was also very helpful. I was able to go back to my school and support my colleagues in the teachers’ mathematics club better, as well as my students."


Differentiated Instruction

Danilo Caysido, Phillipines, DI 2011

"I will remember and cherish my time at SEAMEO QITEP for the rest of my life. It is no exaggeration to say that it has been the cause of some of the best things that have happened to me. It served as one of the reasons for my promotion, and more importantly, it has helped me to become a better teacher by understanding how important it is to adapt teaching to the different abilities and capacities among students and learners. I know that my fellow participants on the course also benefited, and returned to the classroom with increased enthusiasm as well as skill. I know that I have been very lucky and if this luck continues, I hope I might one day get the chance to attend another SEAQIM course."


Mohd. Redzuan bin Haji Botty, DI 2011

" We learn a lot from the instructors and also from other participants in other countries. We share our ideas and problems and we learn that we are not only teachers but we are superheroes."


Joyful Learning

Salima P. Malanyoan, Philippines, JL 2011

"I am very thankful because God has given me this one of a kind opportunity. The venue is excellent, the staff members are very accommodating and approachable, the instructors are well knowledgeable and the course contents really suit to what is needed by the teachers in order to improve pupils’ math performance. I thank SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics as well for implanting the seeds of wisdom in our hearts. I hope that you won’t stop with your advocacy in SEA countries promoting quality education all over."

Tatik Rahayu, Indonesia, JL 2011

"I am really thankful to have a chance to join the course. I learnt lots of ways to teach math in joyful. Now I believe that I can apply, develop and share knowledge and experience that I’ve got to my colleagues. More student and teachers will learn joyfully. Thank you for all the instructors, committee and participants, may Allah bless you all."


Siti Saerah Pg Haji Amil Bahar, Brunei Darussalam, JL 2011

"Joyful learning is an absolute mind opener, to us as an educator. It is time that teachers change their way of teaching a ‘joyful’ and ‘interactive’ learning environment which produces student who love mathematics for a life time. Well done QIM."


Teacher-made Teaching Aid


Suy Siradeth, Cambodia, TMTA 2014

"This is first time for me to attend a course abroad to improve my knowledge of teaching mathematics by using the teaching aids. I learnt a lot from the course and also got many experiences from other participants of other ASEAN countries members. I am fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. I am so appreciative for the course and I can't tell you how much I appreciated your kindness, but I can "we over excited and we had great warm welcomes from the Indonesian people". On behalf of the participant, a representative of Hun Sen Klang Leu Primary"

Fransiskus A. Rumiyanto, Indonesia, TMTA 2014

"This program is very excellent, because it inspired me a lot of things connecting with to make teaching aids for teachers. It is the second time I dealt with the course. The first one when the team come to Bitung Sulut, and the second I have a long course at the QITEP Centre itself. This is really very amazing, because all the attendances involved from the very first process in detail up to the end. We were challenged to be an excellent teacher especially in mathematics. Bravo!!" 

Clinical Supervision


Saripah Ahmad, Malaysia, CS 2014

"QITEP is the good place that we can improve our supervisor skills. I learnt a lot to be a good supervisor. I like to thanks to all the facilitators and committee who made my life here full with excitement and enjoyable moment."


Teo Meng Ying, Malaysia, CS 2014

"I feel privileged to be selected by my country to participate in this course. Thought this course, I can get acquainted with all participants from different countries, culture, languages, and backgrounds of participants. In addition, I am pleased and excited to mingle with friends and get new ideas on my teaching. I would like to thank all the facilitators, the organizer of SEAMEO QITEP in Yogyakarta, staff of PPPPTK Matematika on hospitality, sharing learning and teaching ideas."


Bedelyn Balmes Paras, Philippines, CS 2014

"My experienced here in QITEP Matematika with my new friends from the different countries is something unforgettable. Our laugh always make us drive to work more even we slept at night. I had learned a lot from our brilliant professors, their expertise is something to be proud of. The staff were so polite, kind and friendly to us. Their smile always makes me feel at home. When I go back to my country, I will not be selfish in sharing all the things I've learned here. God always has a purpose and now I know why He chooses me to be the lucky one to participate in this training. He chooses me maybe because He wants me to widen my knowledge about everything, to appreciate cultures from the different countries especially Indonesian culture and love people whoever they are but kind and beautiful in and out. I will treasure this forever "Aku cinta kalian semua" Thank you very much! " mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat"."

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